Know your troops!

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Know your troops!

Post by AHerc001 on Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:46 pm

Watching replays of various attacks I see some who do not use their troops in a way that maximizes their attacks. For example, if you are using Giants, they need to be the first wave of troops dropped to attack enemy defense weapons. The advantage of Giants is they have a high hit point, which means they absorb huge amounts of firepower before they are destroyed. Use this to your advantage to shield your other troops such as wizards and archers who don't take a lot of damage very well. Often times I see Giants dropped on one side of the base and then wizards on the other side left out in the open to be picked off by defenses. Or some dropping all their barbs and archers first and then Giants last. Knowing what purpose a particular troop does can help you be more successful in your attacks. You can even look at the info button on a particular troops to see what their favorite targets are, how much damage they can take, how much damage they can inflict, etc. check it out when you are training troops next time. Also, troop dispersion is key also. Don't bunch your troops together because having them grouped together closely makes it easier for defenses with splash damage (wizards towers and mortars), spring traps, and bombs to take them out easily. Spreading your troops out when you place them will minimize the amount of troops lost and keep them in the raid longer. Hope this helps.


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