Clan Rules and Polices

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Re: Clan Rules and Polices

Post by laydout01 on Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:02 pm

hey guys, real quick. make sure to attack same town hall level or one below. we  need to maximize each attack. don't want to be overconfident and get no stars. but everything else is spot on. now keep in mind, sometimes all that is left are the tougher bases. in that instance, check any other bases that have only one or two stars. if you can get a third, by all means take it. but please don't try to take on a base that cannot be won.


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Clan Rules and Polices

Post by akashb1 on Fri Feb 20, 2015 5:27 pm

Clan Rules - Follow these, and there will be no problem.

1. Be Respectful
      • Respect. Everybody. Or instant kick. (Ex: Stipe.)  
2. Participate in Clan Wars
      • If you cannot participate in clan wars, please let a co-leader know beforehand. Otherwise, your position/rank in the clan will suffer.
3. Donate
      • Donate all you can! Your troops will only help.

1. We war prep on Friday, and fight on Saturday. 
2. You are expected to attack at or one below your Townhall level.
3. Please use both your attacks!

Elder - If the above rules are followed, a promotion will be in your future!
Coleader - This is reserved only for the founding members of the clan, although promotions to coleader may be considered in the future.

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